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Dec 24, 2012 5:00am PST
felton grove had to leave their homes. dan and liz say they did get plenty of advance warning. >> first it was an advisory only then it became mandatory as it was clear the river was going to come up. >> streets in felton where from six inch to four feet underwater. photos taken by alex, she show the area at the height of the -- they show the area at the height of the flooding. a police car had to be towed out. >>> we have resources on how to be save on look under see it on tv. we would love for to you share your weather video or pictures send them to ureport. >>> centers are counting on shoppers to be out in force -- stores are counting on shoppers to be out in force today after lackluster sales over the weekend. >> reporter: 17 million americans will be out shopping today, to get people to spend money in their stores, retailers big and small are offering deep discounts and extended hours. a little list, opening times vary depending on location across the board costco and best buy open until 5 tonight. macy's and michael's, until 6:00, target and toys "r" us open until 10
Dec 22, 2012 5:00am PST
night long. >> katie: coming up. i-team takes on a south bay intersection. dan noyes looks into the problem and we are continuing to track the storm as more rainfalls into the area. this is live doppler and you can see the rain falling just about everywhere making its way from north to south. we'll have your forecast coming up. >> katie: good morning to all of you, you are looking live at emeryville this morning, i don't need to tell you, it is raining on the lens and also 56 degrees. meteorologist lisa argen is tracking the storm to let you know where and when the rain is falling today. >>> a san jose parent is worried that children walking to school in her neighborhood will get hurt dodging cars in a busy intersection. the problem is in the seven trees neighborhood in south san jose where there are five schools near the intersection. i-team dan noyes has the story. >>> neighborhood children try to navigate and anxious line of commuters near center road and easy street where there is no crosswalk. >> the cars aren't even stopping to let us cross the street. if they do, i feel like
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2